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Alan Watts:

Time is a very difficult thing to pin down. There’s a famous saying of St. Augustine of Hippo, that when he was asked, “What is time?” he said, “I know what it is, but when you ask me, I don’t.” And yet it seems absolutely fundamental to our life. “Time is money,” we say. “I don’t have enough time.” “Time flies.” “Time drags.” And I think we should go into the question of what this is, because in our ordinary common sense, we think of time as a one-way motion from the past, through the present and on…

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There’s a new Speedmaster for us slim-wristed guys. Or is it for ladies? Sensitive guys. Who cares?

Hey guys. I’m Max and this is WatchCrunch. We’re all stuck inside during this holiday season. So, I decided to debut my ugly Christmas sweater just for you. Also, the turtleneck is making a comeback, you mark my words. Anyway, the Speedmaster Reduced, or Automatic has a special place in my heart. It was the first watch to be featured on this channel. And also, for people with slimmer wrists like me, that watch with its thin case profile just fits like a…

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Hey guys. I’m Max and this is WatchCrunch.

As a watch nerd, I totally ascribed to the adage that every collection needs a Speedmaster, but for that very reason, it can also feel that everybody and their cousin Vinny has a Speedmaster Pro. Don’t get me wrong, the standard Speedmaster Professional is still a watch that I would recommend many people as their first luxury piece, but having handled a couple dozen speed masters at this point, I really wanted to find something different, which led me to this 1957 re-issue. …

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Today I modify my first SKX.

Hey, guys. I’m Max, and this is WatchCrunch. So at around $300, many would argue that the Seiko SKX is your best, first mechanical watch. Now, I’m a little bit late to the game because I never thought that I could pull off a 42 millimeter watch. But thanks to its compact lugs, the SKX actually wears more like a 40.

Now, as you probably know, the SKX is a favorite amongst the modification community. And partly because of the plethora of parts that exist for this watch. Now, I’ve seen a lot of…

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Hey guys, I’m Max and this is WatchCrunch. So, you’ve decided to skip your yearly Apple watch upgrade and spend that money on a mechanical timepiece, which one do you get? Well, the $400 price point is a real sweet spot and we have a lot of great choices, but two watches quickly rise to the top of my list when I think about three major characteristics that make a good entry-level mechanical watch.

Number one, design aesthetics. We want something that’s versatile, so I’m not including the Seiko SKX and other very sporty models. Number two, brand heritage. We…

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Hey guys. I’m Max and this is WatchCrunch.

Sometimes you want to spice up the look of your watch or maybe you have some custom creation in mind. In either case, we turn to watch modding to scratch that itch.

Now, I know it can be intimidating to crack into the case of a watch, but I think as long as you’re not taking apart the movement, most things can be done with simple hand tools.

I started by changing a bezel or some hands, and eventually I am now finding myself shaving down dials and trying to glue my…

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Hey guys, I’m Max and you are watching WatchCrunch.

We’ve always been told that the Rolex Datejust is the most iconic dress watch out there and for good reason, this is a watch that’s been around for over 75 years with a history that precedes it. And herein lies my dilemma, a new Datejust costs north of $6,000 and you can get the same 36 millimeter size in a vintage Datejust for around half that price. So given how indecisive I am, I managed to get my hands on two classic silver dial Datejusts five decades apart. …

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Hey guys, I’m Max, and this is WatchCrunch.

So my friend Seth recently made his big purchase of the year, which is a Rolex Explorer 214270, the new one. And we thought, what better way to break in his new watch then to take it up into the mountains, especially given this watches history. We decided to hike up to some Alpine lakes in the Leavenworth, Washington area. It was beautiful of course, but on the way up I decided to pick his brain a little bit. You know, Seth is one of these guys that buys a new watch…


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